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Quilt Kit - Take 5 Quilt FLANNEL

The kit includes enough fabrics for the lap size quilt 64" x 76" (includes fabrics for the blocks, borders, and binding)


For the Take 5's original block ...You can't get much easier than this. Take 5 minutes - Choose 5 fabrics - and in about 5 hours you have a completed quilt top!  
With this kit, the only thing you need to do is SEW!  The kit is already cut with the accuracy of the Accuquilt Studio cutter.  The inner border, outer border, and binding strips have all been cut for you as well.  The inner border is the red fabric, and you have 2 options for the outer border color. There is a plaid border that is the same as the plaid in the blocks, there is also one kit with a dark brown fabric.  Please choose your option of border color before adding to cart.


Here are the specifics of the pre-cut pieces in the kit.  Each layer of fabric on the die yields the following:

Cut Size:

  • Three small squares 4 1/2"W x 4 1/2"H (11 cm x 11 cm) each
  • One rectangle 4 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H (11 cm x 22 cm)
  • One large square 8 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H (22 cm x 22 cm)

Finished Size:

  • Three small squares 4"W x 4"H (10 cm x 10 cm) each
  • One rectangle 4"W x 8"H (10 cm x 21 cm)
  • One large square 8"Wx8"H (21 cm x 21 cm)


This kit does not include the pattern.  You would need to purchase that separately or follow the basic instructions listed here:

This block does stitch together pretty quickly if you don't fuss too much over fabric placement. This kit uses 5 fabrics, so just try to use each fabric in every block. To sew the block, sew A & B Units together and sew three C Units together. Finally,  the sew the A-B Unit to the C-C-C Unit as shown in the block diagram picture. Press your seams to allow flexibility in orienting and nesting your seams in your blocks when sewing the quilt top rows together. Lay your blocks in a 4 x 5 block configuration, and sew together in whatever process works for you. You can mix and rotate the blocks in any orientation that is pleasing for you. Don't worry about the same fabrics touching as you lay out the quilt; each quilt is unique!  For the borders: sew 4 sets of (2) - 2 1/2" strips to add as the inner borders on all 4 sides (measure and trim your border to the size of your quilt), then add the 6 1/2" stirps for your outer border in a similar fashion.  Once the quilt is quilted, use the (9) 2 1/2" strips for the binding to finish your quilt.  

  • Return Policy

    There are no returns on cut fabric kits or patterns.

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