Easy Precision Piecing Starter Kit

Easy Precision Piecing Starter Kit

The Acorn Precision Piecing Starter Kit offers a new and easy way to piece and press your quilt blocks more accurately, resulting in flatter seams, matched points, and square corners.

The Acorn Precision Piecing Starter Kit has three components:

Seam Align Glue
Seam Align Glue is used in place of pins and holds your fabric pieces together more securely than pins with no slipping. The soft and flexible non-toxic glue comes in a squeeze bottle with a precision tip so that you can apply it with total accuracy.

Easy Press Solution & Easy Press Pen
Press your sewn block seam open, and then use the Easy Press Pen to apply the Easy Press Solution directly to the "high side" of the seam. Press again to get a perfectly flat seam.  Note: To use your Easy Press Pen, fill it with the Easy Press Solution, hold the pen upright on a piece of scrap fabric (so that the tip is touching the fabric) and then press down on the tip to start the flow of Easy Press Solution. Repeat as needed while in use.

Kit contains:
1 oz Seam Align Glue
Easy Press Pen
4 oz Easy Press Solution