Kit Cutting Service - Large (Bigger than 75")

Kit Cutting Service - Large (Bigger than 75")

This service is for cutting your LARGE Quiltworx quilt kit that you send to me.  Once your fabrics and pattern/papers are sent to me, this service includes cutting out all the papers for your quilt (foundation papers & templates) and cutting out the fabrics with the template layout sheets and/or T-Templates to the correct sizes, paper clipping them and organizing them into Ziploc bags. I will also put your pattern (if sent to me) in a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors.  Then I will ship it back to you completey ready for you to start sewing right out of the box.  There are 3 different prices based on the size of your quilt.  Please see below for more information to determine which category your quilt size fits into.


LARGE:  A large kit is one that is larger than 75"x75". Examples of a quilt that falls into this size are the, pretty much any Queen size quilt like the Queen size Glacier Star, Queen or Wall Dinner Plate Dahlia, Queen or Wall Vintage Rose, Amazon Star, Harboured Lighthouse, Queen Hosta, Kentucky Spirits, OK Corral, any Queen Size extension mixer quilt, etc. Base price is $250.  NOTE: Rainbow color quilts and/or quilts with applique pieces to cut will have an additional charge of $50 each for this size.


Before adding this item to your cart, please ensure you have selected the correct size (SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE) and select YES or NO if it's a rainbow color quilt  or if you need applique pieces cut or both.  Then, please fill out the details of your project as to what quilt you are sending to me and fill out a specific date that you will need it back by so we are both on the same sheet as to what your expectaions are. I typically will have it back to you within 2 to 3 weeks of when it arrives at my location.  Please also indicate if your kit was designed in Quiltster or if it's a shop designed kit or a kit from Quiltworx and if possible, please send along any of the Quiltster printouts or kitting sheets provided in your kit.


If you have any questions or need additional services, please contact me to discuss prior to adding to your cart.


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    There are no returns on quilt cutting services.